Hi Dave,

Dave Täht schreef op 2/3/17 13:10:
On 3/2/17 11:51 AM, Stijn Segers wrote:
> Thanks Sebastian, turned out to be a silly syntax error, I have it all
> disabled now. Ethtool -k and ethtool -K printing/requiring different
> stuff doesn't help of course :-)
> I re-enabled SQM, will see how that works out with the offloading disabled.

Would be good to know. I lost a bit of sleep lately (given how badly we
got bit by RCU on the ATF front, I worry about cake... but I can't see
how that would break, there.)

With my 50 Mbps VDSL2 downlink, I see a 25% load on one core tops. So that looks good. Checked uptime this morning, all hunky-dory. So I'll keep offloading disabled for now.



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