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Bjørn Mork <bj...@mork.no> writes:

Backporting the raw-ip feature to v4.4 is simple.  Just cherry-pick

  81e0ce79f291 ("usbnet: allow mini-drivers to consume L2 headers")
  32f7adf633b9 ("net: qmi_wwan: support "raw IP" mode")
  6c730080e663 ("net: qmi_wwan: should hold RTNL while changing netdev type")

These still apply cleanly on top of v4.4.115.
Correction. A complete(?) backport should include these two fixes as well:

  a4abd7a80add ("usbnet: fix alignment for frames with no ethernet header")
  0de0add10e58 ("qmi_wwan: Add missing skb_reset_mac_header-call")

Hope I got them all now...

Thank you Bjorn!
I'm happy to say I've used exactly these 5 patches this morning for backporting it.

For backporting support for the EC25 modem, following patches were used:

--> net: qmi_wwan: MDM9x30 specific power management
--> qmi_wwan: add support for Quectel EC21 and EC25

I'm currently testing the build on a Gl-Mifi device (ar71xx)



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