How are you?

I have a question to you guys, about the phy2 and radio2 (meaning the
3rd Wifi device). It is only works with these packages:


What is the reason of these small Wifi? It looks like it only works if
the channel is 80mhz and uses the same channel as the radio0, besides
it is much slower that the radio0.

What is it supposed to do?

Because kaloz/mwlwifi says that it takes care (in future as well) for
DTS / radar / MU-MIMO, so why is this package for?

Right now we need to use hacks to make it work either to remove this
radio and those packages or only use 80mhz and the same channel on
radio0 and radio2 and only non DTS frequencies.

Thanks, if you know what it is exactly for and how to use it!

My problem is that the European version for the phy2 is fixed to US
country, no way to change it while the other wifi radio0 and radio1
can set the country - though I think it is fixed as well, but it is
France only, that's not changed either or mwlwifi will change it for
you to France, so if you want to use 160 mhz and DTS, then it will
face a conflict in the DTS table, because radio2 / phy2 is fixed in US
and mwlwifi cannot change it either, while my radio0 /phy0 and radio1
/ phy1 in Europe is always France, that's why I cannot enable DTS or
the radio0 wifi to use at all, unless with restriced settings or
remove packages.

How is it to be used or what is the reason of this small version of
radio2 (the 3rd).


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