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 curl is more common than GNU wget is.


 For example, Cygwin, Arch Linux, and my android phone all come with
 curl by default whereas wget is missing.

 wget has priority "important" in Debian, while curl is "optional".

 I don't think it makes much sense to tune the installation system for
 some weird distros no one actually use to build OpenWrt.
Arch Linux is what I use to build OpenWrt.

Arch users might catch the edge cases (notably the bleeding edge ones). Debian based systems tend to be more widespread than Arch ones, and running one or the other does not imply a more skilled user either way. Our wiki buildroot instructions seem to assume/favour a Debian-based system (that of course heavily depends on who wrote the
entry) [1].
[1] https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/buildroot.exigence

That's the old (archived, read-only) wiki link.

The new wiki article has no such favoring to Debian/buntu, and if you scroll down (in both articles actually) you find a list of CLI commands to install needed packages for most common distros. [1] In the Arch one there is also wget in the list of packages to download/install, so if the Arch user is following the documentation he should have wget in his system.

[1] https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/build-system/install-buildsystem


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