Hi Hauke,

Thank you very much for this patch!!
I will try to give it a spin today on imx6 hardware and specifically by using the imagebuilder.

Noticing the upstream git repo, there were a few important fixes (especially for ubifs).
Would you be in favor of:

- Skip these until considered stable
- Backport them
- Bump mtd-utils to git head iso this specific tag?


ba145d80e239 ("misc-utils: flash_erase: Fix Jffs2 type flash erase problem")
044ed4c0dd78 "(mtd-utils: ubifs: fix typo in without_lzo definition")
80de29a464c7 "(mkfs.ubifs: Allow root entry in device table")
3b421ab6144c "(mkfs.ubifs: ignore EOPNOTSUPP when listing extended attributes")
afba4fc3b7e9 "(mkfs.ubifs: Apply squash-uids to the root node")

Thanks again,


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