Hey all,

I believe hledger (http://hledger.org) is a useful project, with potential to 
be much better. I have more ideas and know-how than free time. By now the 
project has a fairly large surface area, such that I'm often avoiding it when I 
have only small chunks of time to work on something. So I'm putting out the 
call for help!

I'm grateful for the occasional contributions over the last 9 years, and I 
would welcome more collaborators to share the work. That sounds appealing, 
right ?

Really, this is a fun project, since you can use it to save money and time and 
build your wealth-accumulation skills.  And as an active contributor, you will 
have access to free tutoring from a 9y haskeller, 20y consultant and FOSS 
developer, and 30y coder (that's me).

Here are some particular areas needing help:

- Release 0.28 (or should it be 1.0 ?) has been pending for a long time, partly 
because hledger, hledger-ui, hledger-web & hledger-api are released together. 
This is the number one priority at the moment.


- Integrate John Wiegley's ledger4 code as an additional parser, increasing our 
compatibility with Ledger, making hledger features more easily accessible to 
Ledger users.

- Website beautification and marketing in general.

- Contribute, solicit or raise funding, so we can sponsor 
developers/designers/minions, set meaningful issue bounties, etc.

- UIs/integration for mobile/small-screen devices.

- More import/export formats, easier migration to and from other tools.

I hope you'll check out hledger and get involved. http://hledger.org -> 



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