The following yields a floating point exception:

$ cat << 'EOF' >> test.ldg
P 2018/01/01 20:00:00 VTSMX $0.0000

2018-01-01 Gas
    Expenses:Car:Gas                                        $5.97
    (Expenses:Taxes:Gas)                            (3.00 * $0.384)
$ ledger -f test.ldg --market reg
Floating point exception: 8

This is on MacOS 10.13.3 with the latest ledger built from HEAD.

This seems to be a weird combination of factors, with any of these changes
fixing the problem:

   - Remove the --market flag from the invocation
   - Run bal instead of reg
   - Change the price from $0.0000 to anything non-zero
   - Comment out the virtual posting in the transaction

This file seems to be valid, though, so it'd be nice to fix the underlying
cause of the fpe.



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