Thanks for the heads up.

Did a quick test and it seems that it helps a lot. Though hledger commodity 
directive isn’t working very well. My final checking account balance shows 7 
decimal cases, similar problem as the one found here 
<> and 
<> I’m using hledger 1.9 from 

Tried using the commodity directive found here 
<> by putting the line 

commodity R$ 1.000,00

In the beginning of the file that pulls my other ledger files but it didn’t 
seem to work. I’ll keep trying though I’ve never given hledger much thought, 
though it feels much slower than ledger.

> On 12 Apr 2018, at 15:01, Richard Lawrence <> wrote:
> Hi Klauss,
> Klauss Hass <> writes:
>> Is there any way to use the argument —monthly or --weekly for bal 
>> transactions?  I value my assets weekly and it would be useful to see the 
>> month ending value variation of my assets:investments accounts along with 
>> the -V argument.
> I don't think so, at least not with regular ledger.  I'd be happy to be 
> proven wrong, though! I have also wanted this feature.
> hledger (, however, does allow --monthly (and similar flags) with 
> the balance command.  You might want to check that out.
> -- 
> Best,
> Richard


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