Hi, folks --

Before I file an issue report in ledger-mode, I'm hoping someone can 
confirm that this is actually a bug instead of a feature change.

In earlier versions of ledger-mode (at least as late as the Sept 7 commit 
on github), entries in a register report link back to the corresponding 
entry in the ledger file. Thus, given this simple file:

; -*-ledger-*-

2018/01/01 Cash on hand
    Assets:Cash                                              $490.00
    Equity:Opening Balances

2018/01/01 Pot of gold
    Expenses:Fantasy                                       $1,000.00

2018/01/01 Blockbuster
    Expenses:Entertainment:Movies:Home                         $5.29

2018/01/01 Grocery Store
    Expenses:Groceries                                         $1.54

2018/01/01 Greedy Bank
    Liabilities:HomeEquity:GreedyBank                        $397.57
    Expenses:Interest:Mortgage                               $604.58

2018/01/02 Uptown store
    Expenses:Misc                                             $20.92

2018/01/02 The Market
    Expenses:Groceries                                        $87.89

2018/01/03 Dinery
    Expenses:Dining                                           $77.39

A "ledger reg blue" command will yield this buffer:

18-Jan-01 Pot of gold           Liabilit:CredCard:Blue   $-1,000.00   
18-Jan-03 Dinery                Liabilit:CredCard:Blue      $-77.39   

And if I put point on the line "Pot of Gold" and hit return, I'm taken to 
the second entry in the second file.

With more recent commits on git-hub, the register report generates the same 
entries as before, but the entries don't link back to the ledger file. 
Putting point on an entry in the report and hitting return leaves me with 
"Buffer is read-only: #<buffer *Ledger Report*>" in the minibuffer.

Is this a deliberate change in the code? If so, is there some way to get 
something like the earlier behavior?



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