one bigger problem is that language semantics at times makes it really hard 
to properly understand the ledger manual 
https://www.ledger-cli.org/3.0/doc/ledger3.html so I may ask a totally 
obvious question.

Suppose I buy sthg. but delivery takes time. So I have to make a 
"pre-payment" ? / is this the same as a deposit? How would I structure that 
in ledger?

Instead of

2018-01-04 * TV set pre-paymant
  Expenses:Electronics   $800

2018-02-04 * TV set delivery
  Expenses:Electronics   $250

My idea would instead be: 

2018-01-04 * TV set pre-payment
  Deposit:Electronics   $800

2018-02-04 * TV set delivery
  Deposit:Electronics  $250
  Assets:Banking  -$250
  Deposit:Electronics   = $0 

Does this make sense? Are there better ways to represent pre-payments for 
expected goods not yet delivered?


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