I don't know if my expectations are just so low, but I was actually pretty 
upbeat after Saturday's game.
I realise it was a few days ago now, but I thought it was a huge improvement on 
anything I've seen for quite a few years.

It may be premature to say the corner has been turned, but I've never been slow 
to make negative comments on the basis of 1 match.

Ok Leeds were pinned back for large periods of the 1st half, but coped pretty 
well.  This was largely due to the presence of Jannson.  The fact that he wins 
everything in the air, meant it did not look like we would concede a goal at 
every set piece.

By the time the 2nd half came, the whole team had gained more confidence from 
the solid-looking defence.

Hernandez, Sacko, Vieira all came into the game more and Leeds really looked 
the better team.
Hernandez is a luxury player, but you can afford to have one in that position.  
It is ages since I've seen a Leeds player with that ability to run at a 
defence, pick a pass (when he feels like it) or have a shot.  Sacko and Dallas  
both do their defensive share, and Sacko looks a real threat going forward.  In 
fact there aren't many teams who will have 3 such good players supporting their 

I actually thought O'Kane showed pretty good composure, especially after the 
first 30 mins

On the minus side I'm not convinced by Wood.  Playing as a sole striker is a 
lonely role, especially away from home.  I would expect the 3 supporting 
players to be closer to him in home matches.  Any player who is capable of 
winning headers, hold-up play, being a threat behind a defence, and being the 
team's main goalscorer, would  not remain the Championship for long.  He does 
need to up his rate of taking chances. If Lambert had had a couple of those 
chances, my money would have been on him scoring.

Also I'm afraid Green did not do much to improve my confidence in him, but I 
was happy with the rest of them.

Overall now, I'm looking forward to a bit of a climb up the table.  I'm not too 
bothered if Monkfish makes a few changes in forward positions for the League 
Give Antonnson, Mowatt and Roofe a start perhaps, but keep the defence the same 
to build up a bit of a rapport.


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