Well after the euphoria of Wednesday night (against 4th division opponants, 
remember) we came down to earth with a bump
This was poor fare in front of over 32k as we laboured our way through 90 
minutes of turgid football. They looked brighter and sharper throughtout and if 
they had kept eleven men on the field they would probably have beaten us. 

As it was the first half was as bad as anything we saw last season as Saiz 
watched from the bench since TC did in fact pick the team I had suggested he 
would with Jansson and Borthwick Jackson replacing the two injured players
There were no shots on target from either team first half, the only good move 
from us being a lovely run, by the otherwise largely annonymous Alioski, when 
he beat a couple of players as he drove forward but his shot was pulled tamely 
Second half was more of the same- both defences were on top and the attackers 
were forced to shoot from long range and not trouble the keepers.
Then on the hour mark came the things that should have changed it for us - 
first one of their pulled back Phillips to earn a second yellow and then to 
great acclaim Saiz was brought into the fray. Whilst he could not repeat the 
heroics of Wednesday he did have a few bits of play to show that he is the real 
deal and will be great for us.
Wood knocked a couple of million off his value when he was put clear by 
Hernandez, I think, but one on ones are not Chris' s forte and he fluffed the 
chance with the keeper saving. Any chance of us scoring from the rebound 
collapsed as Alioski fell over.
We then huffed and puffed against the ten men and nearly stole the points as 
Dallas had a shot well saved and the rebound fell to Hernandez but his shot was 
also saved. Preston were content to waste time and see out the clock but then 
right at the death nearly took all three points as they broke fromĀ  nowhere but 
lukcily the lad hit the bar
So a poor performance and result - much too early to get despondent but a bit 
of a deflation after Bolton and Port vale
To round off a pretty bad day the bus queue was horrendous after the game - 
first have been replaced by two firms Hunter and A&A (?) but they only seemed 
to have 2 buses and to top it off, one left ER with the top deck almost empty - 
let's hope they get it sorted for Tuesday
So some big decisions for TC for Tuesday in a match we need to win now- does he 
start Saiz and vieira ? Does he recall Bridcutt, does he give Anita a run etc 
etc. and off the pitch can we turn down more offers for Wood
A day to forget
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