'Heckers' sounds a bit 'Public School' to me.  But what the Heck?  I'll go with 
the flow.

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Think we need to standardise our new managers abbreviated name after seeing 
Hecky in the previous correspondence. Heckers receives my vote.  

Best regards,Scott. 

> On 7 Feb 2018, at 15:13, MATTHEW GAYNOR <matthew.gayn...@btopenworld.com> 
> wrote:
> Largely in agreement with KOT here.I think TC was unlucky and probably didn't 
> deserve the sack and that Hecky is a decent choice for new manager - if we 
> can be patient.
> Picking up on the general point around strikers, I think we may have been 
> spoiled by the goals that McCormack and Wood scored in recent goals but you 
> don't necessarily need 20 goals a season and in this league most successful 
> strikers are a bit of a gamble.  McCormack and Jordan Rhodes have both proved 
> that even if you spend a lot of money there is no such thing as a sure bet.
> Looking at the Top Scorers in our league 2/3s of the way through the season.
> Vydra has 16, Leon Clarke 15 and no-one else has more than 12.We have Roofe 
> on 8, despite only playing half the games upfront and Lasogga on 7 despite 
> only playing half the games and only trying in about a quarter of them.
> Of the top scorers Vydra scored goals for Watford but Derby paid £8m for him 
> and he had barely scored for 2 years before this seasonLeon Clarke is 32 and 
> most famous for having a fight with Di Canio, spent most of his career in 
> lower leagues and has never been prolific.
> Of the other Top Scorers, the much touted Hugill only scored 8, yet got a 
> transfer to the Premier League and the list is full of old lags at this 
> level, Sharp, Garner, Waghorn, Hooper, Madine, Grabban with around 10 goals 
> and a few young midfielders we could never afford Bowen, Sessegnon, Maddison.
> So I think what I am saying is that is Hecky can put a rocket up Lasogga we 
> might have the right player and although Roofe is not good enough for Leeds 
> fans, he probably is good enough for this division.
> Matt
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> Well I'm a lot happier that Hecky has the job rather than McLaren or Stam.  I 
> like Simon Grayson as I still cling onto the victories at Old Scumford and 
> the promotion winning match v Bristol Rovers as being Leeds' great moments of 
> the last 15 years, but I don't think going back to Grayson would have been a 
> good idea.
> TC was hard-done-by in a way.  He may not have had full control of signings, 
> but most of us could see that we were a C Back short from the numbers point 
> of view.  We need another Bartley to take control during Jansson's regular 
> injuries and suspensions.  Cooper and Pennington are just a step down.  
> Shaughnessy is really an under 23 prospect, not a back-up CBack.
> Similar story up front. Grot is work in progress and both Ekuban and Lasogga 
> were gambles to replace Wood.  I've  not given up on either, especially now 
> we have a left-footed left back to put balls in from that side.  I do fear it 
>  may  be next season before either one comes good, remember Wood missed a lot 
> more than he scored in his first season.
> What I cannot forgive TC for is the ridicule he subjected us to with the side 
> he picked at Newport. He should have understood that the result goes on the 
> Club's record forever -long after he's gone.  Making the play-offs and 
> putting up a good show, would have justified it in his eyes, but instead we 
> still have not recovered from that fall-out.
> KOT.
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