Sunday, August 6th 2017. Macron Stadium @ 30 minutes in to the game, I turned to my son and said "That keeper looks dodgy" ... About 9 minutes later he confirmed my fears on this by hopelessly flapping at a cross and gifting a poor team a route back in to a game we were dominating.

Now, two managers later, COUNTLESS f' ups of a quite monumental scale ... some of which were Non League (And lower non league at that ... QPR anyone?) in their incompetency and we're still here, wondering why he's in goal. January has gone, we've a big pudding on the bench and an allegedly "promising" yoof with a posh name behind him. So what on earth can we do now? He simply CANNOT stay in goals if we expect to do anything other than bumble along to the end of the season and finish 12th. Since 6th August 2017 he has been a, if not THE, fundamental reason we ship goals, cheap goals, silly goals, poor goals in games we could be winning. I'm sorry, but yesterday's complete f' up HAS to be the last straw surely?

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