Very interesting team selection. 
Some of it makes sense some it doesn't.
Lasogga dropped - can't argue with that because he doesn't look fit enough for 
Philips dropped - I think most fans will be happy to see that. Still can't get 
over that ball he played into the stand on Wed night.
Siaz and Hernandez start - some will think we can't play with these two 
starting but they are our best 2 players so they should play for me. 
on the flip side:
DeBock back - I suppose Anita's last performances have forced his hand here but 
I'd play the young lad Pearce.
I suppose it makes sense for Hecky now to switch his team around especially 
when it hasn't worked. He has nothing to loose now so has to give everyone a 
2-1 Leeds. 

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