Has Vieira's form dropped so much that O'Kane is now a better option as a 
ball-winning midfielder? That seems incredible to me.



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Very interesting team selection. Some of it makes sense some it doesn't.Lasogga 
dropped - can't argue with that because he doesn't look fit enough for 
me.Philips dropped - I think most fans will be happy to see that. Still can't 
get over that ball he played into the stand on Wed night.Siaz and Hernandez 
start - some will think we can't play with these two starting but they are our 
best 2 players so they should play for me. on the flip side:DeBock back - I 
suppose Anita's last performances have forced his hand here but I'd play the 
young lad Pearce.I suppose it makes sense for Hecky now to switch his team 
around especially when it hasn't worked. He has nothing to loose now so has to 
give everyone a chance. 2-1 Leeds. 
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