......I do think that we have been bloody unlucky this season.

I know we've played badly for a lot of the time, but with a bit of luck,
several poor results could have gone the other way, and with better results
would have come more confidence and hence better play.

I have been thinking that we have been hitting the woodwork at crucial
times this year much more than the law of averages would
dictate.........and I've just seen that some statto has said that Saiz &
Leslogger have each hit the woodwork 4 times. and they are joint top in the
league. Two players from the same club have hit the post more than any one
player from another club? That is incredible.

Plus, a lot of those incidents were pivotal.

Apparently, Alioski's header on sat wouldn't have counted anyway, b/c the
flag was up, but Saiz's freekick............that would have been 2 extra
points right there. I recall Roofe hitting the bar in the 0-0 with Forest.
2 more points. And leslogger hitting the bar at 1-1 in one of those games
where we collapsed in the last 15 mins, but if we'd gone 2-1 up...........?

And then there are the penalties, or rather the lack of them. How many have
we had all season? I think I remember Pablo scoring one or maybe two, and
there was that dreadful one he missed in the last minute of one match, but
apart from that?

Clutching at straws? Maybe.
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