With the upcoming anniversary of  Sept 11, I would like to compile
a reminder list of all other international tragedies, in which the US
has played its part - and would like to publicise a suggestion that we
have commemoration days for these events too. Consequently, I am looking
to compile an almanac of the days of the year on which we should be
remembering the victims of US foreign policy, with approximate 
estimations of the numbers of people affected for each day.Can any one 
send me any details of exact days when these events occurred? Or do you 
know of any quick, easy source where I could find a compilation of such 
dates? I feel the publication of such information would contribute to 
the breaking up of the very hegemonic place that Sept 11 has assumed, 
and suggest to people that they might consider outside the square 
defined by the American flag....




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