Unpaid Labour Questionnaire

The Victorian Women’s Trust and the School of Social Sciences at the
University of Queensland is gathering information from women in Victoria 
as part of a research project to evaluate women’s unpaid labour and its 
value to the Australian market economy.

The project is designed to assist women to identify and recognise the
enormous value of their unpaid labour, and to provide data that will 
drive a public policy reform process that properly values women’s vital 
contribution to Australia’s society and economy.

You can assist in this process by providing us with your valuable 
insight and experience. Your contribution will help to fuel future 
advocacy and public policy reform. Please feel free, also, to forward 
this email on to friends and colleagues.

There are two parts to the research process, a questionnaire and focus 
group discussions.


The questionnaire is being e-mailed to the Trust’s online database. Your 
participation, by way of completing and returning this document, would 
be greatly appreciated.

Focus Groups:

We invite you to participate in small group discussions so that we may 
learn more about your experiences of unpaid labour. These focus groups 
will take 2 hours and will be facilitated by Dr Helen Johnson of the 
University of Queensland during the first week of October 2002.

Focus groups are planned for the Mornington Peninsula on Monday 30
September, in Wodonga on Wednesday 2 October and in the Central 
Highlands on Thursday 3 October. If you are interested in participating 
in one of these forums, please contact Trish Pinto at the Women’s Trust 
on (03) 9642 0247 or [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Please indicate your preference for a morning or afternoon session.

Many thanks.


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