ok, no time last night to get to the details of this upgrade, so here we 
go...the four wheel "trolleys" used here are made by unistrut, to fit their 
P1000 strut channel...they were $21.00 each, so no great expense 
there...unistrut used spring pins for axels, which made the axel 
hollow...that detail allowed me to glue a plastic nylon, 10-32, pan head 
screw into the hollow axel...this allowed me to set the sideways movement 
of the trolley to an almost zero tolerance, by filing the head of the 
screws so the fit was perfect...so lateral "slop" is taken care of, quite 
easily...the long, nylon, 1/4-20, socket head screw in the middle of 
each trolley, is for the vertical adjustment/"slop of each trolley...set it 
once, and your done...we put a 7/16" X 7/16" steel bar into each trolley, 
that had three, drilled and tapped, 1/4-20 threaded holes so the trolley 
could be mounted to the carriage plate(2" X 1") and for the nylon, height 
adjustment screw...this bar was welded in place, and the size from McM/Cr 
fit perfectly, just had to cut to length...the carriage plate is just some 
2" X 1" flat bar(2 pcs.) and some 1" bar, with the appropriate mounting 
holes, drilled and tapped...no difficulty there...the "Y" carriage bolted 
to these trolley "units"(front rail and back rail) with a washer or two, 
used for proper shimming and to achieve the proper height for the lead 
screw split nut to work properly...all in all, an easy mod to have the "X" 
axis on a linear bearing, crude as it may be...it is not to CNC standards, 
but certainly a huge improvement when doing legacy manual wood turning 
and/or milling...total parts cost was just a bit more than $100...labor, I 
did not track, but I would think this is a one day job...thanks...joe b.


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