During my short experiment with v.9, I found hints for my daughter, who is not dead yet. Also my son and, in fact, pretty much all the living people in my LFT database -- but her hints are the only ones I checked. At MyHeritage, one was for a public record that can be found on Rootsweb and various free sites, the others, about a dozen, were the information from my file about her, as well as other people who had her in their trees also. I did contact MyHeritage to ask about it.

First, the member of the support team told me "I have removed the information by now." From the discussions here, I thought there was nothing to remove.

Further: "Please note that the reason why you see the information about living people is, that you yourself have them in your tree as well. Therefore those specific living people don't need to be hidden from you, as you have them in your tree yourself. You received this personalized Smart Match page with information."

And: "Please also note, Family sites at MyHeritage are automatically protected with privacy settings that prevent *guests (non-members)* from viewing sensitive information about living family members in family trees, such as first names and email addresses." [Emphasis mine.]

So if you're a member, you *can* access that information by default at MyHeritage? I'm using LFT, but am not, and never have been a member of MyHeritage. And yet, if I access the "Smart Matches" via LFT, I see other trees with my daughter's information. But if I use that link in my browser, the only thing that comes up is the public record. This is a far cry from only simplifying the search process with pre-filled search terms.

The next logical step would have been to subscribe to MyHeritage to see what would happen then. But I decided not to do that long ago as they play hide-the-ball with their subscription information -- all roads lead to family trees. Actually, hints on dead people lead to other family trees as well. Where are all these records they're supposed to have? I was told I wasn't using the hints properly. Okay.

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Oz is a guest at the surprise birthday party for Buffy which, of course, is disrupted by vampires and other oddnesses. Willow is telling him that Buffy's the slayer, etc., and she understands it's a lot for him to take in. Oz -- love Oz -- just says, "Actually, it explains a lot." -- i.e., the weird things that are always happening in Sunnydale.

There's been a lot of oddnesses with the release of v.9. The MyHeritage announcement, actually, explains a lot.

On 8/6/2017 11:25 AM, Brian Kelly wrote:
No it cannot see your file!

What it gets are queries based on information in your file, just like the information you would have to submit on an individual to use the search feature at MH if you visit the site. What the hints in Legacy 9.0 does is automate the submission of those queries and keeping track of the responses from MyHeritage or any of the other sites which you can use for Hints.

Brian Kelly

On 06-Aug-17 10:43 AM, GORDON M TAYLOR wrote:
MH can see your file now in LFT 9.


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