You need to find the setting in FastStone Image Viewer or whatever you choose to use to not automatically rotate images using the EXIF metadata. Then you can truly rotate and save the picture in the right orientation. In FastStone see Settings - Settings - Viewer and uncheck Auto-Rotate by EXIF orientation tag. Legacy doesn't use the EXIF metadata to orientate the pictures, your phone and many programs do. Note you can edit images linked to Legacy in other programs - to rotate them, remove flaws or crop them, resize them, ... provided you don't change their filename. They'll still be linked. Just make sure that if it's your only copy, you copy it somewhere else for an archive copy first.

Hotrum family <>
Monday, 7 August 2017 7:10 AM

I recommend that you download and install either IrfanView or
FastStone (or both) and get your pictures the way you want them
(orientation, cropping, size, colours, brightness, etc.) before
attaching to Legacy. Both are free and can be downloaded from the

FastStone has a more up-to-date user interface and is better at
adding text/graphics.

IrfanView has the advantage of being able to convert to/from PDF
files and does more precise cropping.

I use both of them.

Cheers! -- Dave N.
Trevor Carlson <>
Monday, 7 August 2017 5:13 AM

Well, I have a particularly perplexing issue that I cannot figure out. I've taken a number of photos on my iPhone 6 in which the photos are showing perfectly fine in the files (downloaded to my computer), but are all on its side when opening the folder in Legacy. No amount of 'rotating' the pictures in the file folders helps, and you cannot edit photos directly in Legacy. What do i do?

Note, when the photo was taken in landscape, there is no issue. It is a problem only when taken in portrait.

I'm using the latest version of Legacy9 Deluxe, and use the default photo program from Windows 10. What is truly disturbing is that I never had the problem in Legacy 8. I've also attached into Legacy9 pictures which had been downloaded prior to the Legacy9 upgrade without issue only two weeks ago. Why is this a problem now? Is there some setting on the iPhone6 screwing this up while snapping the pictures as well? If so, I cannot understand why the rotating function wouldn't work.

Thank you,

Trevor Carlson

Edmonton, AB


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