My GedSite program will make a web site from a GEDCOM exported from Legacy. The 
site does not have to be published on the web; you can copy the files to a DVD 
or other portable media to share with relatives.


DVD instructions are here:


Some details about using Legacy GEDCOM files with GedSite are here:


Another way to share with family is to create a private website. That incurs a 
hosting fee, but it provides some benefits:

1 - You do not have to create DVDs and distribute them.

2 - Family members whose devices do not have a DVD can still view the site.

3 - You can update the site and thus update what everyone sees without 
re-distributing a DVD. 

You may want to do both: publish a private site and distribute DVDs and/or USB 
drives. The more ways you publish the project, the more likely it is that it 
will be available in the future when someone wants to review it.

If you have any questions, let me know.



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