Hi Mike,

Linda Greethurst mentioned my name in an earlier comment to your original
post. You can create a website within Legacy as Gene Young stated.

The five web pages’ styles:

Ancestor:  http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/Webs/ancestor/index.htm

Descendant: http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/Webs/descendant/index.htm

Pedigree: http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/Webs/pedigree/index.htm

Family: http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/Webs/family/index.htm

Individual: http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/Webs/individual/index.htm

If you need help with that, let me know and I'll be happy to assist or
point you in the right direction. I have a handout I created for our user
group I would be happy to share with anyone interested. This "website" does
not have to be posted online but could be handed out on some sort of media
(CDs or flash drives) to family members. Keep in mind that newer laptops
and tablets do not have CD drives and/or input for a flash drive.

John Cardinal's GedSite has also been mentioned and I am a big supporter of
this program. I feel I can have a more customizable site that looks nicer.
Just my humble opinion. My site created using GedSite can be found at

Ad for
Philip's suggestion of creating a PowerPoint I have no experience or
opinion on. Sounds like a lot of extra work on your part.

One thing to consider with a website is the ability to quickly update it
with new information, i.e., you finally proved who your great-grandfather's
parents were. If you provide family members a CD, they will have to wait
until the next family reunion where you hand out new CDs or until you burn
CDs and pay to mail them to everyone. Are you getting the idea of the
benefits of posting your data online? John Cardinal even mentioned a
private web site.

One thing to keep in mind though, is I STRONGLY encourage you not to
include information on any living individuals.

Debbie Jorgenson

On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 1:16 PM, Gene Young <n2...@cfl.rr.com> wrote:

> And the elephant in the room is right in Legacy > Internet > Create Web
> Pages Pick your settings and let Legacy make the pages and copy to a CD.
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