I think the new family file has been created on the Desktop as you didn't take note of where you were creating it. You always have to look at the whole screen when creating a new file to make sure it's being created in the folder you want. With that new family file open in Legacy use File - Save File As and then choose the Documents\Legacy Family Tree\Data folder. Give it a new name so you don't get confused. (you'll get a message telling you that this isn't a normal thing to do and it's not how you save your file). Then use the Recent File list under the Big L top left corner of Legacy and click on the file that's the one on the desktop to open it again. Go to File - Delete File. This will delete this family file along with all those files related to it on the Desktop.

It's very unlikely that there's anything wrong with your Legacy program. You really do have to choose where to save new files. It may open to the Data folder but there are lots of things in Windows that can cause it to open to the last used folder which in this case was the Desktop it seems.

I hope that's clear enough. In the Facebook group we can use images but they're officially not allowed on this mailing list as some people on it still use dial up internet or have very low data allowance.

Cathy wrote:

Hello, Fellow Legacy Users,

It’s been several years since I last worked on my genealogy or used
Legacy. But, recently, I started working on a new family branch. Right
off the bat, I seem to be encountering problems. This thread is for
the most pressing issue I have.

To create this new branch in Legacy, I downloaded a GEDCOM file from
Ancestry and created a new family tree for it. When I backed up and
closed the file, I got an Error 527.. I went to the Legacy website and
followed their directions on how to eliminate the error. Nothing
seemed to help so I decided to deal with it on another day. When I
went back to work on the tree, the first thing I noticed was that my
Legacy shortcut icon was missing from the desktop. I opened Legacy
through “Programs”. Then I could not find the new family file I had
created. I had Legacy search the computer and the file came up on
their new list, with the family file being stored on my desktop. I
have never had Legacy file a new tree on the desktop. They are always
stored in the Legacy folder under “Data”. In addition, I noticed that
all the supporting files for this new tree were also placed on the
desktop (File extensions .kil, h1, .h2, .ged, hdb, .fg, and .tc).

I am concerned that Legacy has somehow been corrupted because this is
_not_ the only issue I am dealing with in a short period of time.
Thankfully, none of my other family tree files seem to be affected.

What should I do? Do I uninstall and then reinstall Legacy and hope
Legacy picks up the files and puts them in the correct folder? Do I
get rid of the new family tree and start another tree from scratch
without using a GEDCOM? Do I just delete the new tree and download
another GEDCOM? Any other options? I also need to confirm I won’t lose
any data files (Extension .fdb)when I uninstall Legacy.

FYI, I recently installed a new anti-malware program on my computer

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. By the way, this grandma
is not a techie person so explanations in simple terms would be

Maya Zaret

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