I have been wanting to make this request for weeks.
In addition to what you are asking, I would like to be able to put up two "Set Relationships" icons; one for my wife and one for me. I include both our lines in one file for simplicity and often need to jump back and forth between her line and mine. I know that lots of Legacy folks strongly prefer separate family files, but how else could you find out that your spouse and you are cousins???
        Thank you, Dave N.,

At 03:38 PM 3/2/2018, you wrote:
Hello folks,

Being immersed in DNA analysis I'm continually needing to Set
Relationships for different individuals.  To do this I access the
Tools tab which contains a Set Relationships icon.
I would prefer to add a Set Relationships icon to My Toolbar, but
that icon does not appear in my customization options as an available
toolbar button.

Is there a way to add Set Relationships to My Toolbar?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Cheers! -- Dave N.
  David Naylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


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