I told you what the program glitch was when I told you how to fix it :)

It's caused by the List Cleanup routine not recognising that a location is being used when it is only used by a Story. This is a known, recorded issue waiting for a fix.


Dennis Murphy <>
Thursday, 8 March 2018 1:20 AM
I'm trying to keep this thread going as per instructions and hope I'm doing it correctly.

Anyway, whoever sent me the fact that the first number in the parentheses refers to the location (RIN) of the problem, I thank you as it has allowed me to fix the export problem. Despite all the Check & Repair runs, it seems that some of my story links have been lost somehow. After fixing the initial problem and attempting another export to a Legacy file, the dreaded Error 3021 popped up again with different locations (three additional times to be exact). When I searched for the story associated with the individual and clicked on it, again an error message. However a double click restored the link and now those issues seem to be fixed. I was thus able to export a smaller Legacy file from my master database without further errors.

Not sure if this incident is attributable to my system (new Dell - Win 10) or a glitch in the software. Sent the issue to support but no reply as yet.

Hope this helps others if they have same problem.


J.M. "Jay" Ingalls <>
Wednesday, 7 March 2018 9:01 AM

Try a major clean up of your locations list. Remove all "USA" from names. Then add it back. Then use the option to merge all of same places. Go into the list, sort by City, County, State, Country. Do a manual edit and merge of matching locations. Use the option to delete all unused locations. Do all the cleanup and merging of locations possible.

Repeat: Remove all "USA" from names. Then add it back.


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Cathy Pinner <>
Wednesday, 7 March 2018 8:08 AM
I've answered on the other thread. The crucial error is the Location not found error.

I've given up on expecting people on this list to use proper list etiquette and start a new email for a new topic. It's not a lot of point just changing the subject line. The emails are still threaded with the original.

However some email providers seem to break the thread even with normal responses <sigh>. Note this new one has already been highjacked by Leo talking about something else.


Ian Thomas <>
Wednesday, 7 March 2018 5:40 AM

Dennis – I’ve re-titled your last post so that others can use the subject – perhaps to give you some help on your problem.

(those interested in Peter Astle’s quite different problem may be a little confused)

I wonder if your problems are due to the size of your database, including images etc?

Perhaps Cathy Pinner can recall if other users of Legacy have had as much data as you, without having this error?

Regards, Ian  Thomas

Albert Park, Victoria 3206 Australia

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*Sent:* Wednesday, 7 March 2018 4:11 AM
*To:* Legacy User Group <>
*Subject:* Re: [LegacyUG] Living/Deceased Status of Mothers with children where no Father details are entered

Error 3021

This is not the first fight with this Error Number but it's the first one on which all the Help menu suggestions fail to solve. The final resort and ultimate "import to Gedcom" has not and likely, will not, be attempted due to it's source alterations.

I have run the Check & Repair multiple times, even twice in one complete Maintenance session. I have rebooted computer, tried again. Not sure if reinstalling the Legacy program will work but that may be next.

The error message reads" Location 19152 not found (1009, 81) Error 3021" It pops up every time I try to export a portion of my large database to smaller Legacy family files. Running File Maintenance on the master or larger database produces no errors; it only happens on the attempted extraction of portions of the larger file - at least that's when I notice it always.

My questions:

Does "Location 19152" refer to a specific geographical location?

How or where can it be found?

Do the numbers in parentheses refer to individual ID numbers where the location is missing?

I have the latest Legacy build but hope for a new update soon to see if that will fix the problem. There seems to be a lot of glitches still floating around in Version 9 as these error messages pop up quite often. Usually they can be fixed by following the suggestions but these LOCATION ones seem to be a bear on the loose. Please help: I am open to any and all suggestions

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