I have never tried this report until today, but I think this is an error that 
needs to be fixed.
I selected MRINs 502,114,503,5949  which I did by displaying the Family View of 
the parents of those who had married, which had a + beside the names in the 
Children panel below the parents marriage.
However, I entered in the report designer Options, these MRINS in the different 
order, 114,502,503, 5949
   (this is the lower-most entry, with this title above it “Create Report for 
the Descendants of the MRINs in this order:”)
I ignored the button to the left of that which is Change.  I want to sort out 
the current problem first.

Retaining all other default settings, I chose the screen / printer  Preview

The problem is that the Title page has the name of the last entered MRIN 
(highest number, 5949)  whereas the Table of Contents in the order that I 
chose, and the following pages are as I expected.
It is only the Title Page that is incorrect – and it might be more useful if 
the default field was something other than Descendants of  [FullName]

Suggestions ?
I.L. Thomas, Western Australia

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