On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 12:27:41PM -0400, Neal Gompa wrote:
> > In general, a custom domain discouraged, as it can lead to all sorts of
> > problems. How about fedoralive.fedoracommunity.org?
> Is this the first time we've ever used *.fedoracommunity.org? I've
> never seen it used before...

There's plenty of "locale" domains, like
http://id.fedoracommunity.org/, but I don't know of cases where we've
used it for other things. The guidelines page clearly indicate that
that was the intention though.

> Also, if we're going to use that, probably live.fedoracommunity.org
> makes more sense.


> And we've previously done custom domains for stuff, for example:
> .net: fedoraloves.net
> Python: fedoralovespython.org

Yeah, I'm not particularly fond of these (although fedoraloves.net is
cute, even if the twisted use of .net kind of pains my 1990s sysadmin

> Get Fedora: getfedora.org (this one was actually a pretty painful change...)

Yeah, this wasn't really mean to be a _change_ but a focused "download
brochure" site.

> Custom domains are not specifically disallowed either, but a trademark
> license from Red Hat is required. Alternatively, Red Hat/Fedora could
> purchase the domain for the use.

Yes, that's all true.

> If it is possible, we should get fedorastreams.live and/or
> fedoralive.stream

If this is really going to help success, I won't -1 it, but there's a
little bit of a chicken and egg problem — if we do something like this,
I'd like it to be for something we feel pretty confident is going to be
around and self-sustaining in a year or two.

Matthew Miller
Fedora Project Leader
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