Trying to get a Mid-2012 15" Non-Retina MacBookPro9,1 A1286 fully 
functional again (for short money).

Got it used from a pawn shop: many thrashed (melted) keys and some of the 
keys have the wrong hinge mechanism. The key cup “springs” and the keyboard 
itself seem to function just fine. Hoping to just get the caps and hinges 
at a good price and snap them in. The hinge style is shown as Rev. B 
on PowerBook Medic and AC01 

Key caps i definitely need are:
left Command

I need at least a couple of hinges for those keys, and one hinge for the 
F12 key. If you have a keyboard destroyed by a liquid spill with intact 
keycaps and hinges of the correct design, that would be perfect and i’ll 
gladly take a whole dead (or live) keyboard or top case for a good low 

No other specific needs at this moment, but if you happen to have a dead 
machine of this model, or by some miracle the matte screen/top assembly in 
working order, i’m interested to at least know what you have, at what 
price. I plan to keep using this model (whether this machine or another 
one) for many years to come.


Nick Kratz 

Pasadena, California 91104 

eBay ID: SonicPurity 100% feedback, member since January 1999

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