[A deal fell through, so adding photos, further condition clarification, reduce 
price/changing config] 

Just got this machine in a deal, and decided I don’t want to spend the time to 
get it back in working condition. When plugged in, the magsafe light is orange 
or green, depending on whether it’s charging. The battery indicator light on 
the side seems to show battery levels successfully, so it is my hunch that the 
battery will hold a charge. So, based on what I’m seeing, I’d guess it’s either 
a logic board, keyboard, or power system issue. But perhaps it’s something 
else, I don’t know. Based on checking the serial number on the bottom case, 
it’s a mid-2009 model. 
 Includes FW800 port and SD card slot. No hard drive included. I will include 
the 2gb RAM chip that came with it. Includes 3rd party battery. 

Cosmetically, it’s in fair/good condition. Screen doesn’t have any visible 
damage, some minor scuffing/scratching at various part of the body and some 
damage at the rear edge of one side of the screen (see photo). Hinge feels nice 
and tight. It is possible that this machine was liquid damaged and the seller 
didn’t disclose that to me, but i don’t see any surefire indicators of this 
when I took off the bottom of the case. The moisture sensors in the RAM area 
are still white.

Photo gallery: 

I’d like $185 shipped for this, or best offer.

I accept paypal, Amazon gift card or check/M.O. Items will ship upon receipt of 
cleared payment.

Email me at clayshowal...@gmail.com <mailto:clayshowal...@gmail.com> to express 
interest. I reserve the right to sell it to the first person that can follow 
through with completing payment, even if they are not necessarily the first to 
respond to my post. 


Clay Showalter
clayshowal...@gmail.com <mailto:clayshowal...@gmail.com>
Harrisonburg, VA 22802

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