It's finally time to move my iPad along as it doesn't get used much anymore 
and I'd like to see someone else get use from it instead. This is the first 
iPad with the Lightning connector and Retina screen (Retina was introduced 
with the 30-pin connector, briefly). It has 16 GB of storage and is white 
in color. WiFi only, no LTE. Still runs the newest version of iOS and does 
it pretty well. Screen is bright and crisp with no scratches, and battery 
life is very good.

iPad itself is nearly perfect. I have had a black leather Smart Cover on it 
for a long time, and the cover has made small marks on the metal back of 
the iPad. They've come off for the most part with some light kitchen sponge 
scrubbing but are not entirely gone. 

You'll get the iPad, original box, AC adapter, USB to Lightning cable, and 
black leather Smart Cover.

Looking for $200 OBO shipped. Can email photos upon request.

Jake Thiewes
Alexandria VA 22304 

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