Greetings all,

I have several legacy items sitting in my office that I am tired or 
(sitting in my office). I suppose I could send them to the recycler, but 
hate to do so when the devices are in such good working condition. So I'll 
see if anyone on the group can use them first before discarding. The last 
item is a "for sale" item, but all others are free for cost of shipping.
Shipping is from Upland, IN 46989-1001 -  if somehow you are close by, pick 
up is readily available.
Ideally, the "buyer" can send me a check to the provided address, with the 
check for shipping being made out to the University (not me!) to maximize 
All items are in excellent condition, and some are new in box.

I also have more good stuff from home; I'll address those in a separate 

Here goes:

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