In my usual Leo environments (4.11 in one place, 5.1 in another, both 
Ubuntu) the top of the Leo window is a tab with the name of the .leo file 
I'm using.  When I open another .leo file, it appears in a new tab.

In the environment I'm trying to get working (OS X El Capitan / Anaconda / 
Leo 5.3), there is no tab at the top of the Leo window and when I open a 
new .leo file it opens in a new window.   What do I change to make it open 
in a new tab instead?

Also in the OS X environment neither Ctrl-F not Apple-F gives me a search; 
only going to the Search tab works.

And, as ever:  Where should I have looked in the documentation to find out 
without bothering this list?

Cheers,    geoff

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