Rev a471ed18 updates the VR plugin so that the handlers for markdown (md) 
and reStructuredText (rst) now *do nothing* for "other" text.  This 
includes the body text of @url nodes.  I'll make similar changes in the VR2 
plugin as needed.

Imo, this is the correct approach.  It is certainly the simplest thing that 
could possibly work.  I see no point in (laboriously!) updating (keystroke 
by keystroke) the VR pane if that doing so does not provide anything new.

Please report any problems immediately.  This is inherently difficult code.


P. S.  Expect Leo 5.4b1 in a week or so.  The last remaining major issue is 
#303 <>: The VR plugins 
are buggy and should be merged. Happily, merging is a separate issue from 
buggyness.  The plan is to fix all bugs in the VR1 and VR2 plugins before 
b1.  Merging the plugins, if it ever happens at all, will be left for Leo 


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