I managed to hard crash Leo - opened LeoDocs.leo at #Tutorials-->@rst 
In a viewrendered window I clicked on the links 'cheatsheet.html#scripting' 
or 'cheatsheet.html' or '#scripting-leo-with-python' i.e.

*Further study: The scripting portion of Leo's cheat sheet Contents* 
Scripting Leo with Python *

Clicking on these links causes Leo to crash [Python has stopped working 
[Close program]]

Here is the log from console:
Leo Log Window
Leo 5.4, build 20170216031031, Thu Feb 16 03:10:31 CST 2017
Git repo info: branch = master, commit = eb3a6ed70061
Python 3.6.0, PyQt version 5.8.0
Windows 10 AMD64 (build 10.0.14393) SP0

reading settings in N:\git\leo-editor\leo\doc\LeoDocs.leo
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "N:\git\leo-editor\leo\plugins\viewrendered.py", line 1119, in 
    g.openUrlOnClick(event, url=url)
  File "N:\git\leo-editor\leo\core\leoGlobals.py", line 6691, in 
    if not w.hasSelection():
AttributeError: 'QTextBrowser' object has no attribute 'hasSelection'


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