I took a stab at "this could be improved". Some things are better but it's 
not 'all good'.  Pushed to ec8cd249b 

Here's a snapshot of the outline (wishlist: copy and paste headline 
structure only from Leo into other apps):

The biggest internal changes are in *Anaconda *and *Install in pieces* 

_The smoothest route, with the same recipe working across Linux, MacOS and 

The `Anaconda`_ scientific computing environment includes Python, NumPy, 
SciPy, PyQt, and over a thousand other tools, packages and libraries. It's 
a 500+ MB download but you're guaranteed to have everything needed.

To install Leo do this from an Anaconda console::

    pip install leo

The `Miniconda`_ environment includes just Python and the `conda` package 
management tool. A 60 MB download and then pick and choose from the full 
Anaconda ecosystem.

To install Leo do this from an Anaconda console::

    conda install pyqt5
    pip install leo

Proceed to `Desktop integration`_ 

*Install in pieces* (only the overview bit here):

_If the all inclusive install methods don't work for your situation, here's 
the component breakdown._

1. Install `Python`_ (v3 preferred, but Leo is backwards compatible to v2.6)
2. Install `PyQt5`_ (preferred) or `PyQt4`_
3. Install `pip`_ (if needed)
4. Install Leo with pip, either from PyPi or GitHub source.
   a. Pip will include optional but recommended packages fom `Dependencies`_
5. Install optional packages
6. Desktop integration


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