Forgot to add, the examples are kind of contrived. I don't have any good 
real world examples yet but I think I eventually will. If anyone can 
suggest better examples that would be great.


On Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 2:50:26 PM UTC-5, Joe Orr wrote:
> Added a new feature which might be worth a look.
> Mermaid is a markup language for creating and viewing diagrams such as 
> flowcharts and Gannt charts. Leo Vue already support Mermaid, but I added a 
> new directive that will create an interactive flowchart from the subtree of 
> a node. Because of Leo's clone nodes, these flowcharts can be more complex 
> than simple trees. 
> 1.5 min overview video <>
> Also added couple more things: Kanban summary nodes, inherit language 
> directives.
> Joe Orr

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