I agree that QTreeView would be better choice. Especially hoisting feature 
is asking for a QTreeView/Model pair. After all hoisting is just another 
view into the same model.

In current version computed icons are handled by QTreeWidgetItem, so there 
should be no difference between how it is handled now. 

The only thing that I don't understand is why are we deleting all the items 
on every redraw and then creating new ones. instead. That seems to me wrong 
and most probably is the cause for the delay in tree actions.

If any node is changed in any way, it is straight forward to change 
corresponding treeWidgetItem and not deleting all the items and recreating 
all of them again just to create different one for the node that has been 
changed. QTreeWidgetItem instances have methods setText, setIcon that can 
be used to alter them as needed.


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