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What about fixing bugs? Should they also go to devel?

​Heh.  I was just going to write about this. Reminds me of this joke:

​    ​
In theory, theory and practice are the same thing. In practice they're

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I have committed recently a fix for the bug that nobody has reported yet,
but which has caused me some data loss.

​Your bug fix was what got me thinking.
Imo, you did the right thing.  Iirc, I merged master into devel shortly

The problem with committing anywhere *except* master is that it doesn't fix
master :-)

There are two problems with committing only in master:

1. It doesn't follow the expected development pattern.
2. Devs won't routinely test the fix when they use anything in devel or
based on devel.

Imo, the solution is to commit urgent fixes to master *and* devel, by
committing to master and then merging master into devel.  Of course, all
unit tests should pass in master before committing, but that's also true
for committing to devel.


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