On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 7:14 AM, Chris George <technat...@gmail.com> wrote:

> ​​
> When I close the last open file the editor closes. I would like to be able
> to change that behaviour so that the editor remains open. Atom exemplifies
> this. When you close all of the open files you are left with an open editor
> and a very slick tips and tricks page. Kate handles this a different way.
> When you open Kate, you are presented with a new file. If you try to close
> the new file, Kate makes another one. So you can never close out of Kate by
> closing a file.
> The practical application happened to me a few times this week while
> working on themes. I am now in the habit of working on the theme in its own
> file. Sometimes it becomes the only open file and when I close it so I can
> open it to see the changes, I inadvertently (to me) close Leo.
> I would propose that unless we can come up with something akin to Atom's
> tips page that Leo adopt Kate's behaviour as an option to the current
> behaviour.

​Thanks for this clear summary.  I have just opened #806
<https://github.com/leo-editor/leo-editor/issues/806> for this. No due
date, so don't hold your breath.


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