On 02/09/2018 11:54 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
Tim Tassonis wrote:

On 02/03/2018 12:10 AM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
Alain Toussaint wrote:

Any help on this is much appreciated.

It's currently 5:30pm. I'll be starting an LFS hand-build (no ALFS) in
around an hour (6:30pm thus).

I think I have a fix for Chapter 6:

  ln -sfv /tools/bin/m4 /usr/bin

Am I correct in assuming that this goes into 6.6:

ln -sv /tools/bin/{install,perl} /usr/bin

will become

ln -sv /tools/bin/{install,perl,m4} /usr/bin

That was a fix for binutils.  We moved the build order to have m4 before binutils.  That change should not be needed.

You might want to update your local copy of LFS.  I made a fair number of significant changes about an hour ago.

Ok, thanks.

Is using


directly not ok to have the latest changes?

I guess I now show at last start to generate my own pages from the xml?

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