On 02/10/2018 12:29 AM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
Tim Tassonis wrote:

On 02/09/2018 11:54 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
Tim Tassonis wrote:

On 02/03/2018 12:10 AM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
Alain Toussaint wrote:

Any help on this is much appreciated.

It's currently 5:30pm. I'll be starting an LFS hand-build (no ALFS) in
around an hour (6:30pm thus).

I think I have a fix for Chapter 6:

  ln -sfv /tools/bin/m4 /usr/bin

Am I correct in assuming that this goes into 6.6:

ln -sv /tools/bin/{install,perl} /usr/bin

will become

ln -sv /tools/bin/{install,perl,m4} /usr/bin

That was a fix for binutils.  We moved the build order to have m4 before binutils.  That change should not be needed.

You might want to update your local copy of LFS.  I made a fair number of significant changes about an hour ago.

Ok, thanks.

Is using


directly not ok to have the latest changes?

That is up to 24 hours out of date.  I updated 5 packages today including a new kernel.  I also added openssl.

To see what changes as it happens, monitor lfs-book.

I guess I now show at last start to generate my own pages from the xml?

That's the way to get the very latest.

Ok, finally got around it! Just had to add tidy-html5 to my system, and I now got the freshest book locally! So, now I should never again bother you with suggestions that you already fixed...


   -- Bruce

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