I have started building LFS 8.2 but I think there are mistakes in both the 
stable 8.2 and the development version of the book.

When compiling GCC 7.3.0 for the first time in chapter 5.5 - the book says that 
GCC requires GMP, MPFR and MPC packages.
However, it actually also requires ISL package - I was unable to compile GCC 
7.3.0 without this package.
The book also says to manually download those packages and untar them into the 
GCC-7.3.0 source dir.
However, it is much simpler to issue the following command:

cd gcc-7.3.0

Another mistake I found in chapter 5.9 is with the AR and RANLIB variables. The 
values that worked for me are

AR=$LFS_TGT-gcc-ar                 \
RANLIB=$LFS_TGT-gcc-ranlib         \

Please take my apologies if these are not mistakes but my faults related to my 
host environment.

Kind regards,
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