If anyone is still using an older stable kernel on stressed-out
intel hardware, I've just been reading a post which mentions that
4.14 now *uses* PCID (Processor Context ID, apparently added with
Westmere (previously known as Nehalem-C).


And for anybody using i686 on 64-bit-capable CPUs (hi, Paul), you
also get more registers, so it might be worth building a
cross-compiler with gcc-7.3.0 and using that to compile a kernel.

At a cost, of course, of using a new kernel config (x86_64 is very
different - use the old frame-pointer unwinder (rather than Orc) if
cross-compiling, and invoke linux32 in your bootscripts so that
uname in a term shows i686).

Meanwhile, apparently more potential exploits (Meltdown-Prime,
Spectre-Prime, have been discovered, using 2 cores).  It is reported
that the existing mitigations will likely protect against these too.

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