I'm in the process of building LFS 8.2-systemd on x86_64, and so far I've 
followed the instructions up to chapter 6.20 without problems. In chapter 6.20, 
when running the gcc test suite, I'm getting 6 FAILs in the libstdc++ tests:

FAIL: experimental/filesystem/iterators/directory_iterator.cc execution test
FAIL: experimental/filesystem/iterators/recursive_directory_iterator.cc 
execution test
FAIL: experimental/filesystem/operations/exists.cc execution test
FAIL: experimental/filesystem/operations/is_empty.cc execution test
FAIL: experimental/filesystem/operations/remove.cc execution test
FAIL: experimental/filesystem/operations/temp_directory_path.cc execution test

I've noticed that the very same FAILs are listed on 
 but I couldn't figure out whether that means that this is a problem or not, 
and what needs to be done about it. Is it safe to proceed with the installation 
at this point?

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