@Nikos, I am currently running 7.10 (albeit an x86-64 build), and still 
build/maintain my 32-bit (B)LFS systems.  I hadn't been paying attention to 
your thread, currently distracted setting up the 400+ scripts of my 8.1 build.  
I'm going through your thread "with gun and camera".  I don't have any of the 
logs from that build, they're only for debugging a package's build.  Let's see 
what shows up.

But first, IF it's necessary to start over again, I think it may be worth the 
effort to upgrade gcc in Ch-5.5, -5.10, & -6.17 to 7.3 to get retpoline and 
hope there's no breakage.  Then I'd also patch the kernel up to get the KPTI 
patches.  I've patched up to 4.9.75 to get some early patches, and plan to keep 
up with the latest 4.9 patches for now.  I followed Ken's approach of a 
separate gcc-7.3 in /opt for compiling the kernel.

Now to your thread...

- I have some reservations about using Virtual Box, and Ubuntu though others 
say that works (I can't.  I've been using LFS hosts since 4.1).  One must be 
certain of the image VB is presenting your build environment.  In particular 
for a 32-bit build, there's the problem of building gmp for 32-bits on a 64-bit 
system.  I find I must be "forensic" about cross-building like that.  I use 
--target quite a lot, just to make sure gcc knows what it will run on.

- I agree with Thanos that the "ldd /bin/bash" is a major problem, and means 
you must backtrack at least as far as 6.33, and with your diagnosis that there 
was already a problem at 6.17.  "ldd /usr/bin/file" shouldn't still be looking 
at /tools, which strongly implicates 6.10, "Adjusting the toolchain".

(And in the absence of a good package manager watching your build and able to 
selectively remove everything since, I hope you tarballed Ch5 at completion, 
and can start over with a clean "partition" at the start of Ch6.  I always do 
that and keep it until the build is running reasonably well,)

- I think where you made your mistake is:
> there is a reference of tools here but is accepted according 
> to this log
> http://lfs.phayoune.org/lfs/build-logs/8.1-rc1/pentium4/logs/077-adjusting

That is NOT authoritative. The book is!  

Your SEARCH_DIR still references /tools.  Stop there.  Until that is fixed, 
everything else is a waste of time and effort.

You need to get back to the end of 6.9 with everything "squeaky clean"--which 
may not be easy, but you must be able to prove it--and redo 6.10 exactly as the 
book says.  If it doesn't work, then something has already departed from the 
book's path--and that's why I used the word "forensic" above.  No deviations 
are allowed.  And yes, from time to time I've had problems there myself.

- I start all my build scripts "#!/bin/bash -e" so they "drop out" on errors.  
Of course 6.10 relies on visual inspection.  I intersperse "echo "Continue?"; 
read dummy" at each check, and ^C if it doesn't match.

Paul Rogers
Rogers' Second Law: "Everything you do communicates."
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