Hi all,

I've recently downloaded ffmpeg / libav* to integrate it into an AVOD project.

Basically, I need to gather a bunch of info  of a given media (codec, number of 
audio/video tracks, features, metadata, encryption flag etc.)

Whatever its file format (mp4, mkv and ismv).

Regarding the ISMV files (microsoft smoothstreaming), I haven't found yet a way 
to detect that a media is encrypted, its encryption scheme and some info such 
as key id used etc.

It was possible using Bento4 lib, so I suppose there's way to achieve it with 

When I open an ISMV file using avformat_open_input(), 
avformat_find_stream_info(), and avcodec_find_decoder(), I can find my audio 
and video codec data stucture. Which is good.

But I haven't found any data regarding the encryption part.

Any idea ?



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