Never any intention to fix the parsing in the driver ;)
The sql92 standard says nothing about newlines in the sql statments, and
are defined more like complete sentences.
The select statement parsing in the driver parses according to the
select definition at sqlite.org -> http://sqlite.org/lang_select.html ,
with the exceptions(or rules) that you have added to the documentation
about forming select statements.

Markus Hoenicka wrote:
> Hi,
> just to clarify: it is sqlite, not the sqlite driver which does not  
> support newlines in SQL statements. Some other SQL engines like MySQL  
> do support newlines, so this appears to be a design decision (I don't  
> know what the standard says). To verify, use these SQL scripts:
> -----
> select
> version()
> -----
> and
> -----
> select
> sqlite_version()
> -----
> write the scripts to a file using Unix line endings, and pipe them  
> into mysql and sqlite, respectively. The former succeeds, whereas the  
> latter complains about incomplete SQL. I think it is easier to avoid  
> newlines on the input side rather than trying to "fix" sqlite's  
> behaviour in the driver.
> regards,
> Markus
> Quoting Kris Groves <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> The parsing of the sql statement will fail at the first new line char as
>> this indicates the end of the c-string.
>> This is the first time I have seen newline characters explicitly
>> embedded in an sql statement.  Is there a reason that the newline
>> characters are needed ?

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