I am trying to get info from a mysql database that stores the date in a
string format and return UTC format as well as a associated value. I can
use the following select() statement OK to take care of that :
            mysql> select UNIX_TIMESTAMP(<Timestamp string>),<data
fields> from <table>;

This gives all the values in the table and the UTC timeformat
So, next I built libdbi was able to run a simple db connection to test
it all worked. I then moved on to try the above and got my values OK but
I get  '0''s for the UTC TIMESTAMP. Anyone any ideas why this doesn't

Here's my src which compiles and runs OK but gives the partial output
below.. Any ideas ( I have played with the printf statement already ;-)

#include <stdio.h>
#include </usr/local/include/dbi/dbi.h>

int main() {
    dbi_conn conn;
    dbi_result result;
    unsigned int updateLatency;
    unsigned int time;
    const char *name;
    conn = dbi_conn_new("mysql");

    dbi_conn_set_option(conn, "host", "localhost");
    dbi_conn_set_option(conn, "username", "sqluser");
    dbi_conn_set_option(conn, "password", "");
    dbi_conn_set_option(conn, "dbname", "test");
    dbi_conn_set_option(conn, "encoding", "UTF-8");

    if (dbi_conn_connect(conn) < 0) {
      printf("Could not connect. Please check the option settings\n");
    else {
      result = dbi_conn_queryf(conn, "select
UNIX_TIMESTAMP(HIST_Timestamp),HIST_Node,updateLatency from TABLE");
      if (result) {
        while (dbi_result_next_row(result)) {
          name = dbi_result_get_string(result, "HIST_Node");
          time = dbi_result_get_uint(result,
          updateLatency = dbi_result_get_uint(result, "updateLatency");
          printf("%s %d %d\n",name,updateLatency,time);

    return 0;

Sample Output:
    chimds05 34 0
    chimds05 12 0
    chimds05 13 0
    chimds05 20 0
    chimds05 10 0
    chimds05 13 0

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